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Pure Blue Phosfree

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When Phosphate levels in your pool rise to 200PPB and above it recommended that 1L of Pure Blue Phosphate Remover be added to your pool to remove this algae food.

This Pure Blue Phos Free will keep your pool looking crystal clear and algae free. Phos Free will not cloud your pool water like other phosphate removers and does not require a clarifier after treatment.

Phosphates are algae food which feed all types of algae in your pool which allow the algae to thrive. Think of it as a fertiliser for algae in your pool water. If you remove the food which the algae feeds on, the algae cant thrive.

High phosphate levels also reduce the efficiency of your chlorine. Remove phosphates, increase chlorine efficiency, decrease your valuable time spent on keeping your pool crystal clear.

Treats Up to 50,000L of pool water.