Heatseeker Cockatoo Resistant



The Impeccable Heatseeker Cockatoo Resistant solar system is an extremely tough polypropylene, ridged panel system which is
 highly resistant to attack from cockatoos, possums and other vermin. The Heatseeker collectors and manifolds are constructed in one piece from UV stabilised polypropylene eliminating any joins from the manifolds to the collectors. This results in the most durable and reliable solar pool heating system on the market and is certified to the ISO-9002 international standards.

The Impeccable Heatseeker solar system is not only tough and reliable it is also very attractive and very efficient. The Heatseeker panels have an amazing 200 individual tubes per 1.2 lineal metres of manifold. This means that more water is spread over each square metre of solar collector on your roof which gives an unprecedented solar efficiency.

Steep roof or high wind area? Heatseeker has been wind tunnel tested to withstand 200kph winds.

Heatseeker solar panels come in a range of sizes to suit most roof shapes. Your Impeccable Pools technician will measure your available roof space and custom design a Heatseeker solar system which utilises maximum collector area of the roof space. This ensures you will get the most efficient solar system possible for your pool.

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