AquaTherm System

AquaTherm PVC Nitrile Solar Collector with Quad-Barb LuranS Manifolds


  • Thickest tube wall thickness at 1.5mm, not 0.8 – 1mm
  • 90% tube exposure for extreme efficiency
  • Engineered tube diameter for maximum water to roof for extreme efficiency
  • Keyed underside for maximum bond to roof – will never dislodge like others
  • Ultra strong LuranS manifolds mounted on manifold expansion trays - manifolds will never warp or crack and will last the life of the system 15 – 20 + years
  • Easiest manifolds to install – one screw and you’re done
  • Customised, made to header kits mean super quick and easy DIY installation.

The Impeccable range Aqua Therm PVC Nitrile Solar Collector is a flexible strip solar system which is an economical choice for effectively and efficiently heating your pool. Coupled with the LuranS 4-Barb Manifold system Impeccable Pools guarantees this to be the most reliable and efficient flexible solar system on the market.

Designed and manufactured by Impeccable Pools P/L, our characteristic 8-tube design in the Aqua Therm range brings more water to your roof and captures maximum heat exposure compared to any other strip system on the market. The unique design of the Impeccable Aqua Therm solar means a full ninety percent of each individual tube is exposed to the sun’s heat value compared with 50 percent of tube exposure with most other flexible solar systems. This provides maximum heat transfer to your pool water resulting in a warmer pool even during the cooler months of the year. The Aqua Therm PVC Nitrile Collector is the thickest flexible system on the market at 1.5mm compared with other brands at .0.8 to 1mm. This means you are getting the most durable, long lasting flexible solar system you can buy and being a flexible solar system this allows maximum utilisation of available roof collector space. This is an excellent option for harnessing maximum heat exposure for rooves with limited collector space or unusual shapes.

Impeccable Pools uses LuranS 4-Barb Solar Manifolds which offers improved strength and durability achieved by the use of premium grade LuranS styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (ASA) rather than ABS plastic. Additional thickening of the barb and main body wall sections has ensured a maintenance free and long life manifold and will last the life of the system being 15 – 20 years. The manifolds are mounted on a powder-coated metal tray rather than mounted directly to your roof which allows the manifold to expand and contract freely eliminating cracking and bowing of the manifold. Our manifolds will be straight even after 20 years.

Other manifold systems that have up to 32 joins which can become weak and split. The varying temperatures on your roof cause the manifold pipe to expand and contract resulting in a weak point at each join in the manifold. Over time these joins can crack and cause severe leaks in the manifold which can be expensive to repair and cause damage to your valuable roof and guttering. Our unique heavy duty LuranS ASA manifolds when accompanied with the Impeccable Pools Flexi-Lock Locking Sleeves are guaranteed to give years of leak and trouble free operation.

Each Aqua Therm system is custom designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements and to perfectly suit your roof shape, giving you the most aesthetically pleasing look. Aqua Therm systems also come in a range of colours which can blend to your roof colour to be less intrusive.

Impeccable Pools provide free onsite assessment and measuring of roof prior to manufacture and installation of the new system.